Product Attributes

Shell Style#:   Jam Nut Receptacle
Contact:   Sockets
Finish:   Composite (Olive Drab Fhromate over Cadmium)
Layout:   61x20
Modifier:   Standard
Rotation:   Alternate(D) (Quote required)
# of Contacts:   61
Shell Size:   J
Service Rating:   I
Salt Spray:   2000 Hours per MIL-STD-1344A Method 1001 Condition C
Operating Temperature:   -65c to 175c
Material-Shell:   Olive drab over Dadmium Plate per QQ-P-416
# of Size 20 Contacts:   61
Temperature Durability:   175c
Country Of Origin:   USA
Harmonized Code:   8536.69.4020
Itar Registered:   Unavailable

Series Attributes

Approvals:   MIL-DTL-38999 -
Sine Vibration:   60g at -55C per MIL-DTL-38999K
Shock:   301 Grams
Sealing:   Sealed against sand and dust per Mil-std-202 & Ice resistance
Operation Temperature:   -55C to 85C
Mechanical Life:   500 Cycle Minimum with 1500 cycle as an option
Material-Plating:   Gold plated, 50 Microinches per MIL-G-45204 Type II Grade C class I
Material-Insulator:   Hard dielectric wafer which contains tines for high reliability retenion of crimp contacts
Material-Contacts:   Copper Alloy
EMI Shielding:   100 MHz to 10 GHz minimum attenuation of 50 dB
Chemical Resistance :   Lubreicating oils, hydraulic Fluids, Coolants, Deicing Fluids per Mil-STD-1344A Method 1016 Condition a-1
To Be Deleted:   Yes

Price Table

3 - 4$181.20
5 - 9$177.50
10 - 24$149.30
25 - $146.90